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The 5Sīs Culture Suggestions

First S - The First Sense :UTILIZATION
Keep in your desk and working area only what youīre going to use, turning more productive, besides of keeping organized your working area and keeping out of riscs of working accidents.
Second S - The Second Sense :ORDERING
"A place for everything and everything in its place"
Identify the files, folders, to keep the pens in its place, books and office materials, the identification must be standard for all organization.
Third S - The Third Sense :CLEANING
Itīs more than just cleaning, itīs to look beyond of what the eyes can see, to visualize every corner, all spaces and places. Itīs to keep clean your desk, your office, learn to use correctly the garbage can, and be disposed to keep clean and clean.
Fourth S - The Fourth Sense :HEALTH
Cultivate a Healthful ambient on the office, to feel good about phisical and mental health. To administrate the stress, avoid accidents, to feed well, take care of your personal aspect, and avoid a sedentary life. Be always well disposed to changes, be always encouraged to participate of works, have a good relationship with collaborators an co-workers.
Fifth S - The Fifth Sense :SELF-DISCIPLINE
To practice the fifth sense is to make woth all the four senses set before. It is to show that you live and believe in the 5S's Program, through good behaviour, good habits, to keep schedule, being productive, always using the good sense in all situations.
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